September 1, 2011
International Giving UP 15.3% in 2010; Interest among New England International Donors UP as well!


The 2010 Report from Giving USA, which measures philanthropic giving from the U.S. by sectors and recipient types, noted a 15.3% increase in giving to International Affairs in 2010 — the largest increase of any sector — whereas overall giving rose by only 3.8%!  Since 2008 total global giving from the US rose 18.8%.  The Report speculated that the increase in international giving reflects greater awareness of and concern for global affairs, including the earthquake in Haiti.  For the Executive Summary see:


International Affairs received $15.77 billion in donations from Americans — and yet, shockingly, that figure represents only 5% of all philanthropic gifts from the U.S.  Why don’t Americans, known for their compassion and generosity, not give more to neighbors beyond our borders?


At New England International Donors — a network committed to changing the world through giving — members gather to learn how to give more and give better overseas.  The individual donors, grantmakers, social investors and advisors in our community learn from each other and experts in international development and philanthropy where to invest their resources to make the greatest impact —  how to assess progress — and why to feel good about changing the world through giving. 


See how we learn together via NEID‘s calendar of events:


We can’t all save lives in the Horn of Africa, or teach girls in Rwanda, or start microloan funds in Cambodia, or help peasants grow food in Bolivia — but all of us can share resources to empower aid workers who transform the lives of our brothers and sisters on this planet.  Knowing how to share our resources — and with whom — is the challenge.


Whether you are new to international giving or an experienced donor, please join us at our learning and networking events this fall!  Sign up for our free monthly calendar at for a compilation of events sponsored by NEID and area non-profits on international topics.  As a member you may:


  • Attend our intimate book discussion dinners to explore your own giving with others; discuss Paul Farmer’s Haiti:  After the Earthquake on October 4.


  • Dialogue with global leaders in international development, including Raj Tandon on September 7, proponent of “development planning by the people” in India; or Jennah Scott on September 28, Program Director for the Philanthropy Secretariat of Liberia on the Liberian government’s successful outreach to and coordination of philanthropic investments. 


  • Delve into Case Studies of innovative models in international development and philanthropy through site visits to International NGOs in New England.


  • Attend our NEID Networking Lunches to find colleagues and friends, share your passions and reach out for specific assistance.


While NEID is a network for funders, we enthusiastically promote events offered by international non-profits.  Please submit your calendar listings to before the end of each month for inclusion in the next month’s NEID Calendar.   For educational resources from past events and book discussions see:


Just as community service has become the norm over the past twenty years due to innovative models like City Year (which originated in Boston) and AmeriCorps, global giving can become central to the American ethos.  The world depends on us — and on New England’s International Donors — to make changing the world through giving the new American norm.


“We cannot live only for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” (sic) — Herman Melville