October 25, 2011
Eight Fundraising Nuggets: for Opportunity Collaboration #OppColl Cordes Fellows – Tory Dietel Hopps

Tory Dietel Hopps, Philanthropic Advisor and Dancer, Dietel Partners


When Tory Dietel Hopps, one of the most strategic and sophisticated philanthropic advisors I know, says, “Dance!”  she means it!  She dances in Cowboy Boots.  She dances in flip flops.  She’s even been known to jettison a shoe or two while dancing at the Opportunity Collaboration, an intense and lively annual retreat held in Ixtapa, Mexico bringing together Doers and Donors from all continents committed to ending global poverty.  “Dance!” — when you want to raise money.  “Dance!” — when you get it!   Enjoy the work — because the pure joy we find in our partnerships must sustain us as we work TOGETHER to revolutionize the world.


At the Opportunity Collaboration last week, Tory invited 63 Cordes Fellows to “Dance!”  Competively chosen from an international applicant pool to reflect outstanding emerging social entrepreneurs and change leaders, Cordes Fellows receive scholarships to attend the Collaboration and capacity building trainings on-site to deepen their understanding of leadership styles, social investing, communications and fundraising.  Tory danced with Kenyans and Peruvians, Cambodians and Americans, as only Tory can — all funded by the Cordes Family Foundation of Danville, CA.


Tory also imparted some of the deepest wisdom I have ever heard about why to raise money and how.  It is never simple; for leaders of international organizations, fundraising is especially challenging; but it is core to all we do to empower leaders to create a better future.  Read Tory’s remarks and learn how to celebrate the “relationship making” at the heart of fundraising, and at the base of all social change.  You will wish YOU were a Cordes Fellow at the Opportunity Collaboration!   Eight Fundraising Nuggets for the Opportunity Collaboration 2011 — Tory Dietel Hopps


To learn more about the Opportunity Collaboration or to become a Cordes Fellow (or another of the 300 Delegates) see:  http://opportunitycollaboration.net/pre/fellowships/  Now is the time to apply because spaces fill fast.  Come and learn how to Dance!


Tory Dietel Hopps of Maine is a philanthropic advisor in a family-to-family firm, Dietel Partners, and a participant in New England International Donors, www.neidonors.org.