October 25, 2011
Skilled Construction Volunteers Needed for National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais, a Project of Partners in Health

Construction site of National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti on October 25, 2011


 Starting in September scores of skilled construction volunteers from the U.S. — electricians and electrical linemen, tile-layers, carpenters, plumbers, and jacks-of-all trades —  have been serving week-long rotations to build the new National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti.  Simultaneously, the volunteers are working alongside Haitian construction workers to teach them advanced skills. 


Over seventy-five corporate, foundation and individual donors have contributed millions of dollars to the project, funded and managed by Boston-based Partners in Health.  When complete, the hospital will be owned by the Haitian government, reflecting Partners in Health’s principal of building the capacity of the government to meet its people’s needs, rather than reinforcing a dependency on private NGOs.


For more information about how to volunteer contact Heidi Burgess at hburgess@pih.org.


For weekly blog reports on the construction project and for an extraordinary list of donors from the construction industry, see http://www.pih.org/mirebalais.