April 25, 2012
#Haiti’s President Martelly Toured @PIH Hospital in #Mirebalais with Jim Ansara

President Michel Martelly of Haiti toured the National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais with Director of Construction Jim Ansara on March 28, 2012.


In late March Haiti’s President Michel Martelly toured the new National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais being built under the auspices of Partners in Health in partnership with the Haiti’s Ministry of Health.  The facility will be owned by the Haitian Government.

Jim Ansara, Director of Construction for PIH noted that “President Martelly was blown away.  He spent also most two hours here.  He proclaimed that he wanted a Mirebalais-style hospital in all 16 districts of Haiti.  He stopped the tour and dialed his new prime minster and requested he immediately helicopter up to Mirebalais.  They couldn’t get him a helicopter so Paul Farmer met him in Port-au-Prince.  It was a long but good day…”

The facility in Haiti’s Central Plateau, which will be fully solar-powered for nine months of the year, is expected to open in the fall.