April 15, 2016
Building the St. Boniface Hospital Surgical Center
st. boniface hospital build ansara family fund

Photos by Sayari Patel

Story by Sayari Patel and Liz Schwartz of St. Boniface Haiti Foundation. First posted on Storify. 

St. Boniface Hospital is located in rural Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti, a remote region in the mountains of Haiti’s southern peninsula, 3-4 hours from Port-au-Prince. We are in the midst of constructing a surgical center which will provide the only free, 24-hour emergency surgical care in the region.

Construction in as remote a place as Fond-des-Blancs is challenging, to say the least. There is no running water or electrical grid, and the only road from Port-au-Prince and other cities is unpaved, mountainous, and treacherous.

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