May 25, 2011
What This Blog Is About

I am not Haitian. I can never be an expert on Haiti – only a learner. I cull articles and profile leaders and organizations in my quest to understand the strengths and the challenges that my Haitian friends face daily. I personalize what I learn to internalize it, to make Haiti my own, while remaining committed to the tenet that Haitians must always lead their own rebirth. I aim to mix inspiration, admiration and approbation, but my opinions are solely mine, and not necessarily those of the organizations with which I am affiliated. If any of my gleanings help broaden others’ understandings of what Haiti faces and what Haiti needs, I am grateful. I seek critique, comments and contributions to make this blog a more valuable resource to myself and others.

Not all articles will be about Haiti. I have been a student of global philanthropy and may weave in stories of giving and other countries, to build solidarity and share ideas.

I am not Haitian, so why me? In the fall of 2008 Jim and I started to learn about Haiti from a dear friend, Howard Amidon. His passion opened a gateway. One person’s story can spark tremendous change.