May 26, 2011
Haiti Fund Announces $400,000 in Grants for 2011

The Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation recently announced 21 new grants — 15 for Haiti and 6 for Haitian Americans in Greater Boston — a total of $400,000. To date the Haiti Fund has granted out $785,000 to 41 organizations.

Reviewed by a Grantmaking Committee comprised of Haitian American leaders and experts in international development and philanthropy, the grants will strengthen Haitian-led efforts to rebuild Haitian society and infrastructure, as well as meet the needs of Haitians in the Boston area adjusting to the ongoing impact of the earthquake. Focusing on innovative, student-centered educational approaches, training in agriculture and rural vocations, and advocacy for human rights, Haiti Fund grants foster the decentralization of Haiti and give the Haitian people a voice in the reconstruction process. When communities throughout Haiti can help Haitians prosper with dignified work, education, and basic necessities, the crippling population density in Port-au-Prince will be reversed and Haiti can become a more vibrant and sustainable place for all.

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