June 1, 2011
Urgent Action: Stop Evictions of Homeless Haitians – Amnesty International

Amnesty International is calling upon Haitian citizens and Friends of Haiti to protest a wave of forced evictions of homeless persons from encampments on public land in Delmas.  The raids were executed by municipal agents and Haitian National Police without prior notice or recourse.

As recorded by Amnesty International, journalists, and numerous human rights organizations, on May 23 authorities banished residents from the tent camp called “Place Carrefour Aeroport” at the corner of Delmas Road and Toussaint Louverture near the national airport.  Next came the eviction of 144 people from camp “Assistance Plus” at Delmas 43 on May 25.  These camps were among the 245 “spontaneous settlements” registered in Delmas alone, housing 250,000 people as of January 1, 2011 — out of over 1,000 camps in Haiti with 680,000 internally displaced persons.  Delmas has had 10 evictions re-dislocating 27,000 people, more than any other commune, according to the UN Camp Coordination and Camp Management ClusterMayor Jeudi of Delmas has vowed to clear homeless people from all public areas in Delmas in order to attract tourism and investment.

Amnesty calls for letters to be written before July 8 to

  • Urge authorities to halt any further evictions of people from IDP camps in Delmas and other municipalities in Haiti until such time as adeequate alternative accomodation can be provided;
  • Urge the authorities to ensure that no one is being evicted without due process, adequate notice, consultation and ensuring that all of those afffected have access to adequate alternative accomodation;
  • Remind them that UN Guiding Principles on Internally Displaced Persons state that such persons have the right to an adequate standard of living, including basic shelter and housing, and protection against arbitrary displacement.

They may be sent to: 

  • President Monsieur Michel Martelly, Palais National, Rue Magny, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Fax 202-745-7215 (via Haitian Embassy in US);  Email:  communications@presidentmartelly.ht
  • Monsieur Mario Andresol, Directeur General de la Police Nationale d’Haiti, Email:  marioandresol@yahoo.fr
  • Other diplomats, e.g. US Ambassador Kenneth H. Merton,  Tabarre 41, Boulevard 15 Octubre, Port-au-Prince; Fax (509)-22-29-8028

For the full Amnesty International Action Alert click here.