June 1, 2011
Secret U.S. Embassy Cables about Haiti to Be Published by Haiti Liberte

From a press release from Haiti Liberte, the journal announces that it will begin publishing in its June 1 edition “1,918 secret diplomatic cables about Haiti from U.S. Embassies around the world.”  The cables were obtained by WikiLeaks.  To read the articles see:  http://www.haitiliberte.com .

According to Haiti Liberte, “the cables cover an almost seven-year period from Apr. 17, 2003, ten months before the Feb. 29, 2004 coup d’état which ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to Feb. 28, 2010, just after the Jan. 12 earthquake that devastated the capital, Port-au-Prince, and surrounding cities…  The cables cover official U.S. strategies and maneuvering in Haiti during the coup years (2004-2006) and the period after President René Préval’s election (2006-2010). We see Washington’s obsession with keeping Aristide out of Haiti and the hemisphere, the microscope it trained on the democratic Lavalas movement, the relentless focus on rebellious shanty towns like Cité Soleil and Bel Air, and Washington’s tight supervision of Haiti’s police leadership and of the United Nation’s 9,000-man military occupation known as the UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH).”