June 13, 2011
A Call to Save Haitian Agriculture

In the aftermath of the earthquake, it has never been more urgent to restore “food sovereignty” to Haiti; namely Haitian farmers’ capacity to grow enough to feed their families and all the country’s people without necessitating imports. A petition entitled a “Call to Save Haitian Agriculture,” and dated May 14, has garnered the support of leading peasant organizations and outlines three key demands. 

We, the undersigned, are concerned by the introduction into Haiti of products from the multinational corporation Monsanto, and call on the newly installed government to take measures in order to protect Haitian agriculture.

We ask the new government to:

 1) Ban the sale of Monsanto products in all of Haiti, and in particular, of GMO seeds and toxic chemical products (such as Roundup) associated with this corporation;

2) Denounce the accords signed in Miami in December 1994 by former president Aristide under the pressure of then-US President Clinton. These accords abolish duties on agricultural products, which has accelerated the demise of rice producers in the Artibonite Valley and the resulting rural exodus;

3) Revive local agricultural production by progressively reducing the percentage of imported products, and facilitating bank loans and inputs at very low rates, as well as local seed banks.


–    BAJEUX Jean-Claude, Former Culture Minister
–    GILLES Marie Yolène
–    Komite Relèvman Duvivier (KRD) : Jean Martinel LOUIS
–    MICHEL François-Marie, Radio Samba, New York
–    MPNKP : Edith Raymonvil GERMAIN
–    P. URFIÉ Jean-Yves, spiritain, Furcy

To sign the petition please send your name, title, affiliation, city, state, and country to <agriculture.haitienne@gmail.com>.  Thanks to Tory Field of Other Worlds for forwarding the petition.  For articles about food sovereignty in Haiti from Other Worlds see http://www.otherworldsarepossible.org/alternatives/another-haiti-possible/agriculture-food-sovereignty.