July 1, 2011
June Grants Released — Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation

In June another $400,000 in grants were released from the Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation to 15 organizations in Haiti and 6 in Boston serving the Haitian American community.  Guided by a Grantmaking Committee of Haitian American leaders and an Advisory Council of 35, the Fund supported primarily Haitian-led efforts to strengthen rural livelihoods and agriculture, educate vulnerable children, and report on and advocate for a just, Haitian-led reconstruction process.  For a description of the grants see:  http://www.bostonfoundation.org/Content.aspx?ID=15210

The grants in 2011 — the second for this five year spend-down fund — bring the Haiti Fund’s grants to $785,000.  Despite its modest size, the Haiti Fund is being increasingly viewed as a national model for inclusive philanthropy.  Money is still being raised to amplify Haitian voices and build the capacity of Haitian organizations to chart their own recovery.  To donate seehttp://www.bostonfoundation.org/Content.aspx?ID=15208