July 1, 2011
Capturing the “Children’s Dividend” — Billy Shore, Share Our Strength

Two days ago Billy Shore, Founder and President of Share Our Strength, wrote in the Huffington Post about the irony of one billion dollars in federal funds going untapped by our fifty states because we haven’t enrolled all the children eligible for federally-mandated nutrition programs.  At the same time this money lies right under our noses, a national debate is brewing over the re-allocation of war funds for domestic purposes. 

Billy notes that while 20 million American children receive free lunches, only 9 million of them get free breakfasts and only 3 million (16%) have access to free lunches in the summer.  The poverty that breeds hunger remains year-round but the federal nutrition program seems to take a vacation in the summer!

By enrolling children and bringing those federal nutrition dollars into each state, more money can be spent at local dairies, bakeries, and food purveyors.  That is a win not just for our country’s poor children but for each of the communities in which they live.

To read Billy’s whole post see:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/billy-shore/while-were-waiting-for-th_b_885402.html