Photo caption: The Build Health International team and volunteers preparing a shipment of donations.

Our International Focus

International philanthropy is growing, but it still only accounts for 6% of giving from the United States. At the same time, private philanthropy is playing an increasingly important role in supporting social change in Africa, Asia and Latin America, especially as traditional bi-lateral and multi-lateral funding to global development efforts is reduced. Established and emerging philanthropists are adopting increasingly global perspectives, ambitions, and agendas, and these globally-minded philanthropists bring to the table not only their financial resources, but also new ideas, new attitudes, and new approaches. The potential for U.S. international philanthropy to help address critical global challenges has never been more promising and of critical importance.

The Ansara Family Fund believes deeply in the role of US international philanthropy, and Jim and Karen Ansara have dedicated their efforts over the years to bringing people together to share their experiences and inspire others to use their resources to create a more equitable and sustainable global future. In pursuit of this mission, Jim and Karen Ansara have helped to found, and continue to support, several principal partner organizations: