Haiti Development Institute

HDI is a Haitian independent institute which directly invests in local communities in multiple ways.  First, HDI offers capacity building training to community-based organizations to equip them to transform educational, health and economic outcomes in Haiti.  Secondly, HDI acts as a philanthropic intermediary and advisor for philanthropists and foundations looking to invest in Haitian organizations.  Thirdly, through the power of convening, HDI aims to foster collaboration between Haiti funders and between funders and NGOs to devise comprehensive solutions to Haiti’s most pressing problems.  Lastly, HDI gathers data on a variety of social indicators to enable nonprofits and funders to accurately measure the impact of their interventions, and to shape effective government regulations and best practices.  HDI is an outgrowth of the Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Fund co-founded by the Ansaras with The Boston Foundation immediately after the earthquake of 2010.