Groupe d’Accord Solidarité Action (GASA), a partner of the Haiti Development Institute, operates a technical school in Desarme, Haiti teaching agronomy, plumbing and masonry.

Our Community Focus

  • We support “pockets of hope” in Haiti where there are committed and effective civil society leaders.
  • We support organizations that take a community-driven development approach, building upon community assets and cultivating civic education, responsibility, and pride while building movements for social change.
  • We support networks of organizations that pursue greater scale, efficacy and systemic change via shared resources, learning, and action.
  • We invest in organizations that give greater voice and agency to women, marginalized and low-income persons.
  • We make grants to strengthen community-based healthcare, agroecology, sustainable livelihoods, and child-centered education with a vision and strategy for long-term systemic change.
  • In Essex County north of Boston we fund organizations providing shelter, food and job training along with pathways out of poverty.